Our Vision.

Building SWITCH into one of the world’s leading electric motorcycle companies.

SWITCH was established in 2017 by a group of passionate industry professionals. The team has a lifetime of speedway/motocross experience and also has the ‘hands on’ skills required to design, build and manufacture the bike from the inside out. SWITCH has been recognised as one of the most promising developments in the electric space, outside of the major manufacturers.


SWITCH is an innovative global company with research, design & development happening all around the world. The majority of work is split between our three main hubs in Aarhus (Denmark), Shanghai (China) and Hamilton (NZ). The SWITCH factory is also in New Zealand. Our global network of suppliers/strategic partners includes companies from Spain, Germany, China, USA, and New Zealand and enables us to produce premium electric motorcycles at a price people can afford. In short, SWITCH offers a new approach to the electric motorcycle industry.