Pre-Order eScrambler


$500 ($820 NZD) deposit due today.

Ships world-wide. Production starts March 2024.

Pre-Order FAQ

How much is an eScrambler?

We are offering a special introductory price of USD 11,999, excluding shipping and duties. This price is only available now and prices will rise as delivery nears.

How much are shipping & duties?

This will depend on your location. Due to COVID-19, logistics networks can vary and this will depend on container prices and availability. Current sea-freight pricing is $200-250/bike to the USA but prices are subject to change, and customs, duties and local delivery will vary by location. NZ/Aus shipping will be significantly cheaper due to proximity to production.


We are committed to being fully transparent about the costs with our customers. Customers will be notified of final shipping costs 1 month prior to shipping.

Am I eligible for government subsidies and EV incentive schemes?

Yes you will be but it is worth checking with your local government/scheme operator to confirm details and eligibility.

Is eSCRAMBLER street legal?

We have designed the eSCRAMBLER for production from the get-go. We are going through our USA/NZ/AUS homologation now and due to meet all the requirements late 2023 in time for shipping. Our European homologation will start early 2024, with expected due date early 2024.

Are your tech specs accurate?

Yes, we have road tested and confirmed all our tech specs so what you see is what you get.

Are you shipping direct to customer?

Yes, although we are also going to be working with select retailers.

How about servicing and what if something goes wrong?

The eSCRAMBLER comes with one year factory warranty. Warehousing and servicing will be available in the USA and Australia/NZ. Servicing will become available in other countries and regions in due course.

Where is the eSCRAMBLER designed and made?

We are a global company. We have our design team in Europe, supply chain team in China and some of the world’s best technical minds in EV operating our technical development team in New Zealand. We source parts globally for the best quality and value for money and end assembly will be done in New Zealand.

Can I get a refund?

As you can see in our Reservation Agreement, your $500 USD is non-refundable. However, if we are not able to deliver before the end of Q2 2024 you will be entitled to a refund.

Is $500 taken off the final price?

Yes, before shipping you will be required to pay the remaining $11499 plus shipping costs to your delivery address.

At what development stage is the bike right now?

We have kept our pre-sales back until we are as close to market as possible. We have seen companies take pre-sales way too early only to frustrate their customers. We have been working on the eSCRAMBLER for over 4 years and although we were delayed during covid, we made the conscious decision to wait until we have a clear final path to production before taking deposits.


ABS brake matching is well underway with the last pieces of work now focused on the new ECU (Electrical Control Unit), display improvements and IP67 battery water proofing. We are improving the seat material too as during testing we decided we wanted it even more waterproof. We will be as open as we can be with regards to the development timelines with our customers.

Do the bikes come with VIN numbers?


Can I see and test-ride eScrambler?

We are sending bikes out shortly to Miami, Los Angeles (USA), New York (USA), Matakana (New Zealand), Hamilton (New Zealand), Aarhus (Denmark), Australia (several locations), and more.

Do I need a motorcycle licence to ride?


How are you funded?

Our lead investors are SOL Global Investment Group, and they are supported by a group of smaller investors, as well as a NZD 800,000 R&D Project Grant from the New Zealand government. We are also supported by the Bank of New Zealand.

What about fenders, mirrors and reflectors?

Full coverage fenders, reflectors, and plate holders will be offered. All homologation requirements will be adhered to so the vehicle you receive will be fully compliant. Fenders are not a requirement of DOT so customers will be given the option to choose the more minimal fenders shown in the images of the bike.

What changes to this prototype can I expect on the production version?

Not much. We’ve kept the outside design very consistent to the original concept released on bikeEXIF in Feb 2020. The changes have mostly been tweaks and refinements based on our current testing. Foot peg position will change and raise slightly (the bike is just too damn fast for the relaxed seated position!) Foot pegs are changing to bolt on, and the brake lever will be adjusted accordingly. The battery side covers will be trimmed down about 10mm each side for a more streamlined look as well as other minor adjustments.

What about aftermarket parts and accessories?

A full suite of aftermarket componentry is coming. Please check local regulations about what is legal and what isn’t as local compliance will be the responsibility of the customer.

Can I choose a different colour?

We are doing custom paint for our first pre-sale customers only. Please get in touch for a quote and ideally send a Photoshop file with the colours mocked-up. Cost is borne by the customer, (around USD 1000-1500 depending on the job).

I want to buy an eSCRAMBLER but I live on an Island in the Caribbean.

We have made shipping available worldwide. It’s more expensive to ship to countries other than the USA/AUS/NZ or Europe however we can do it. If shipping cost is not a concern and you just need it, let’s do it.

Who pays for on road costs?

On road costs are paid for by the customer.

Who pays import duties/taxes?

The customer. However we are going out of our way to reduce these and have no intention of placing any markup. We can control the cost of production, and get the bikes out – its difficult to know shipping costs and duties all around the world and what that will cost will be in 6 months time.

Is eSCRAMBLER street legal in other markets?

We are on it, but cant do everything at once. Currently our focus is on the USA, AUS and NZ. Its the responsibility of the customer If you purchase a bike for use outside of these markets to get road legal with some form of low volume registration