Initial ESCRAMBLER™ sales (non ABS) early adopter versions began in late 2021 with full release due middle of 2022. We are currently going through our ABS, DOT and UN/2013 Certifications.


How much will it cost?

Early adopter versions are USD$11,999 plus on roads and shipping (not including incentives and tax credits).


What size is the battery, motor and approximate range?

ESCRAMBLER™ comes with a 13kWh lithium-ion battery and 50kW IPM Mid-Drive electric motor. ESCRAMBLER™ has a top speed 150-170 km/h (93–106 mph) and range of 150 kilometers (93 miles)*.


*Depending on ride style and performance settings.


Where are you located?

SWITCH is global and spread out across the world. Development is between Denmark, Shanghai and Hamilton in New Zealand. The SWITCH factory is in New Zealand.


When will it be available?

2021/2022. Initially USA and New Zealand only.


Will you be offering pre-sales?

Yes. Contact Switch Motorcycles for details.


Do you have an emailing list?

Yes we do, you can sign up to stay up to date with our Phase 2 process, homologation, launch dates, pre-sales, exclusive events and more.


How do I become a distributor or retailer?

SWITCH will be looking for strategic partners around the world that are interested in getting involved with our products and brand. Please feel free to get in touch.